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Bed and Breakfast Accommodation in Weobley

It is important to mention the church of St Peter and St Paul which dates, in part, to the 11th Century and whose tall steeple can be viewed for many miles in every direction, curiously attracting people to the parish.Bed and Breakfast Accommodation in Weobley

At this time Weobley also boasted a castle, the mounds and moat of which are still visible, situated but three hundred yards from the Gables.

Further away through the parkland sits the remains of Garnstone Castle, former home to Col. John Birch - a Cromwellian soldier who captured Hereford during the Civil War, became governor and was jailed up to twenty times for quarrelling with Cromwell, he died here in 1691.

Weobley today boasts of its local facilities at a time when many villages are losing theirs. Come try us!